Glasgow is a city full of life and opportunities, but it is also a city of parts and contradictions. In this analytical step a group of students was tasked to look at Glasgow from the perspective of its very users: walk, measure, record, photograph… all to understand few simple but fundamental aspects of the life of Glasgow and of its river, the Clyde. Where do people go and, mostly, where do people prefer not to go? Where do they feel unsafe? Where does the Clyde Riverfront stand in relation to the city? Is it well used and thriving or is it underused and gloomy? Tackling all these questions right on the field has the power to identify what needs to be improved to meet the needs of users and residents and to fulfill the aspirations of the local authorities.

To view the final boards, follow the links below:

Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – Use Board 1

Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – Use Booklet


Izzat Zunaidi
Ihsan Alias
Shamim Padzil
Medina Suci
Sama Jabr
Nick Russell
Jianhui (Hui) Shu