In the face of Global Changes and with the increasing frequency and magnitude of unpredictable natural disasters, understanding rythms and characters of  the ecosystem of which cities are inextricably parts, is key to address urban growth in a way that is sustainable and resilient. Water, air, sunlight, biota are important assets offering  services that have the power to reduce detrimental effect of urbanization processes on the environment and to improve quality of life and experience of users, in the short and long term. Students in this group had a task that is all new for UDSU, they had to focus deeply on ecosystem processes, assess the state of natural resources in the city and to investigate innovative systems in the provision of ecosystem services.

To view the final boards, follow the links below:

Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – Environment Board 1

Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – Environment Booklet


Jeremy Tan
Su Ling
Grant Mitchell
Marco Ursi