Woodroad Park is currently a low-traffic naturalized area sitting under utilized amidst the edges of neighbourhoods; This foundation master plan hopes to change this.
Through the development of mixed uses and additional recreational outlets, connections to other local facilities and attractions, such as Dumfries House and Visions Leisure
Centre, and increased connectivity and the reduction of edges around the park, it will become the recreational node of Cumnock. The conservation and further
development of the local ecological network will also be an important feature of this plan for Woodroad Park, as the ancient woodlands found in Templand Wood, and River
Lugar are two valuable natural features found in Cumnock and should not be squandered.  Also, as a recreational node, Woodroad Park will be able to stimulate Cumnock’s
economy by attracting tourists, both for day trips and over night stays, creating employment, and generating revenue through various recreational, service and retail

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