Netherthird were developed as satellite neighborhood of Cumnock. It originally was to rehouse the miners from various miners row. Consequently, Netherthird overtime has grown separately from   Cumnock town center. The area is deprived of local assets and amenities if compare to the town center. However, the local community have a strong historical past that ties with the coal mining industry. Grasping to this fact, the masterplan aimed at first: ignites the pride of coal mining community, secondly creating a common identity that is appreciated by the community and hopefully creating a wholeness as part of Cumnock.
The visions for the masterplan will tackle 2 key aspects comprise of physical and mental aspects. The physical aspect will be introducing lateral connection on between Netherthird and Skerrington, and relocating local neighborhood center along Glaisnock Street. The mental aspect will attempt to dig into past of the memories fond to the local community (in this case the coal mining heritage), translated into architectural language and introduced into the masterplan.