This urban design project is the final year project of our postgraduate study in University of Strathclyde. The course is designed to equip us to analyse the urban fabric, space and measures. The chosen site is Drumchapel, located in the north – west of Glasgow city. The site is currently a problematic area in Glasgow and my target is to renew and improve the area according to current urban design theory.
Our design process is divided into three stages: analysing the existing city, creating a overall strategy and detailed masterplan. This booklet is created to explain my detailed masterplan proposal for the third stage, developed with the first two stages research. Please also check booklets for the details of current situation of Drumchapel and booklets for our early stages of development strategy.
This is the first booklet out of three. In this booklet, there will be a brief summary of previous research on existing problems and opportunities in Drumchapel and a overall strategy for development.

Zhenghao Gan