Drumchapel is an area of Glasgow, it is in the north- west of the city. Drumchapel is bordered to the east by Bearsden and to the west by the town of Clydebank. Old Drumchapel is the originated in the 19th century and is located to the south of the town.
Old Drumchapel was extended in the 1950’s and became largely a social housing estate, tis was done to address the city of Glasgow’s overspill policy and accommodate 34,000 inhabitants. Castlemilk, Easterhouse and Pollock were also set up around the same time to accommodate the over spill using the same methods for social hous- ing. Drumchapel’s current population is thought to be
around 12,000 people despite its original capacity.

Our Vision is that Drumchapel will no longer be seen as the ‘edge’ of the City but as a ‘gateway’ to the wider countryside including the local heritage and nature trails that sit to the North of Glasgow.
We aim to build on the existing strong sense of com- munity and form a neighbourhood that reflects this in character.
Our overall intention is to provide the framework to create a well-connected, thriving, vibrant and diverse place that will be able to grow and adapt to future changing trends.

Rachel Kennedy, Alexandra Linn