The scope of this Analysis Package is to help you develop a clear, informed, up to date understanding of the study area as it is today in terms of its population, land uses and environmental conditions; at the same time, this analysis aims at understanding what are the ambitions of local and metropolitan stakeholders for its development, i.e. what are the plans currently in place for it at any scale. The current conditions of an area, how its parts are used, who they are owned by, what kind of environmental work is required to maximise their value, is fundamental because they reveal the strategic potential of the area and suggest directions for development. A good comprehensive overview of all recent actions and projects instigated by the city and other major stakeholders in the area will give an indication of the likelihood and type of change that will affect the area. Together, and combined with all other analytical packages, this information will be the basis for the future strategies for the study area.


by Anvita Linnea Sodermark, Simone Orsolin, Prayogo Widyarangga,
Chengjiao Pan, Haopeng Lin

Planning Framework: Maryhill + Shawlands