The scope of this Analysis Package is to raise awareness of how the study area has developed in history to date, how that could inform its future development, and make it richer and more significant for the local community and the city as a whole. Becoming familiar with the facts and events that have shaped our city and its parts is a fundamental step in understanding how places perform and function today, the meanings and values they hold for their inhabitants, and are a critical source of information to unlock their potential for the future.

The history of a place and its form can be traced through traditional investigation of historiography sources, revealing its development since early formation through main historical periods, across economic, productive, political changes. Another useful way to understand a place is by studying the stories that are intertwined to that over the years, people’s stories of life, habits, and memories. Both are fundamental steps, and need to be carried out in parallel to understand the evolution of the place through time, explain its form and character today and inform decision-making on its change in the next future.


Archibald Prince, Nadine Mahmoud, Lim Xian Ying

History and Stories: Maryhill

History and Stories: Shawlands