The broad scope of this Analysis Package is to understand the study area by comparing the subjective knowledge of the place coming from the inhabitants and your own experience, with the more objective knowledge coming from systematic map measurements. Hence, the work is split into two distinct work packages: the first is called “Experiencing Places” and the second “Comparing Places”. Analysing the perception of space implies a focus on the relationships between people and places, which is relative, selective, dynamic and is a function of the stimuli, experiences, interests and needs of the perceiver. Therefore, to gain a comprehensive, meaningful understanding of how people see the study area, you will have to compare the ‘professional’ perception (that is, of the members of the group itself), and ‘user’ perception, (that is, of people who live and work in the area). This subjective examination of a place becomes particularly telling when used in conjunction to more objective measurements.


Emma Churchyard, Joshua Glass, Jelena Andelkovic, John Lam

Experiencing and Comparing Places: Maryhill + Shawlands