Cities today are facing a lot of various challenges and issues, that vary in the scale and importance and there is a certain ten- dency to deal with the short-term urgent at the time problems. However, there is anoth¬er scale, a bigger scale challenges, thatare identi¬fied, but mostly left for a be dealt with in a better time. These are suburbs, and Milton, a neighbourhood in Glasgow isa typical (yet special) exhibit among them.

Strategic masterplan is a tool that can successfully shape the future of the area. Combined with other important measures in eco- nomic, social, environmental aspects of life, it can revitalize neighbourhoods and help the city become well-functioning and more or less evenly developed organism. Masterplan is a physical planning embodiment of ideas that will allow the district to develop sustainably, to make the environment accessible, safe, diverse. It is a tool for encouraging people to be active in this environment, to see the change and to be the cause of it.

The idea that is presented for Milton’s case is a gradual transformation of the territory in phases with a wide spectre of a differ-ent surgical interventions in the neighbourhood to develop framework for the future evolving city. The system of the nodes anddensities combined with the new transport new transport network opens the ways for the local production, recreational activities, educational opportunities, entertainment. Applied tools such as Local Urban Code bring the unity in diversity and help create a set guidelines for any new building activity in the area.

This masterplan for Milton is a promise of the connected, included, prosperous future. It is a step towards change in every aspectof life though the planning and strategical instruments.

Prepared by

Izhikova Anastasia