As container of a new local node, the west-side of Milton would be transformed from a barrier into a place that provides and enhances the quality of life fo its inhabitants. Changing the area into a vibrant place would increase the attractiveness of the whole neighbourhood and revive a site that today seems forgotten.
Creating density and permeability, implementing a new green network with plenty of paths and openings and establishing mixed-use areas are the key moves of the strategy.

Today it seems reasonable including the bakery in the strategy for two reasons: the fact that it occupies a massive plot in the middle of the area, and the possibility to play a big role in the future of the neighbourhood. For these reasons, I think that make sense proposing the establishment of a baking academy related to the bakery and a hospitality training centre linked to it. These facilities would enhance even more the interest toward Milton.

What is today the main entrance to the industrial area will be a local node and the centre of a mixed-use area with a variety of commercial and recreational activities within a residential area. Light industries will be integrated in the urban tissue in plots whose size are suitable to multiple future uses. Diverse uses and variety of building types and architectures will be used to attract a variety of people for increasing the diversity and enrich the local community.

Finally, the two main parks that define the area with clear boundaries but that, at the same time, link with the surroundings. These two clearedges on the west and the east are permeable and connective urban structures that increase the liveability of Milton.

Prepared by

Michele Saracini