The purpose of this analytical step is to investigate the current plans for the Clyde Riverfront and its surroundings, envisioned by Glasgow City Council and local stakeholders for its development. The final goal was to collect an extensive but concise body of knowledge on all existing, proposed and completed plans. At the same time students also investigated how the area looks like today, by mapping vacant and derelict land and buildings, looking at the availability and quality of facilities, services and green spaces, locating landmarks and special conservation areas, and studying current demographics of the area. Grounding knowledge of a place on such solid basis, is crucial to understand what type of change is needed, what change is possible and how to make it happen.

To view the final boards, follow the links below:

Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – Current Board 1

Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – Current Booklet


Winnie Lim Wei Jinn
Wei Hwa (Joshua) Koh
Scott Patterson