The history of Glasgow and that of its river, the Clyde, are tied together. Students tried to look back in history to date to trace how the Clyde, its surrounding and the city of Glasgow evolved across major events, highlighting how change affected the build environment, the city’s networks and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. This helped shed light on the extent to which changes across time have influenced how and why Glasgow and its river have become what they are today. Historical archival research was actively supported and enriched by interviews carried out by students with local residents, to gain valuable insight on the life of the community across the decades.

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Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – History Board 1

Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – History Board 2

Future Glasgow: Re-Clyde – History Booklet


Cinzia Scandurra
Grant Hancock
Margherita Gallieni
Baguet Michael
Charles Foong
Weiyu HUANG (William)