Why such special places like the Clyde Riverfront and the Govan area are so full of vacant or abandoned buildings, derelict land, huge car-oriented main road dangerous for children and unattractive for users and visitors?  How help communities living in this area to be proud of their cultural, artistic and environmental heritage?

To achieve this, our strategy is based on four fundamental words: Learning, Playing, Creating, Earning.

We aim at turning unused or underused areas into active community space. It requires finding innovative ways to revive green and public spaces to create more accessible, enjoyable places were people can relax, play, enjoy and meet. Our main focus is on the area of Govan, a great place that deserves better strategies to enhance its cultural value and celebrate its unique heritage and identity. New job opportunities, new connections and new activities engaging with the river will help this, making Govan an attractive, vibrant and prosperous place: a place to live, work, visit and invest.

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Jamie Yeo
Ying Xi (Sabrina)