Our analysis showed an open wound in Glasgow. Along the River Clyde, the urban fabric seems particularly weak: lacks access to services, features irregular and incoherent densities and large impenetrable barriers, is marginal to the wider urban network and out of human scale. These factors trigger a vicious self-reinforcing cycle whose negative effects translate into a poor environment for local communities and into a reduced profitability and attractiveness of businesses, services and activities  located in the area and its surroundings.

To overcome this situation our strategy proposes a series of new “pearls”: special urban nodes that are a concentrate of centrality, services and densities and that, together form a chain of Pearls of Clyde, like a necklace where every pearl is fundamental. The location of these new pearls requires a deep understanding of balances and conditions of each place, working on its unique potential and issues. A crucial factor is to work on connections: among pearls but also, and mostly, with the existing structure, so that surrounding areas can also benefit from the synergy.

To view the final boards, follow the links below:

Future Glasgow: “The Pearls of the Clyde” Strategy Board 1

Future Glasgow: “The Pearls of the Clyde” Strategy Board 2

Future Glasgow: “The Pearls of the Clyde” Strategy Board 3


Agnes Sandstedt
Johanna Rosvall
Cinzia Scandurra
Margherita Gallieni
Grant Hancock
Marco Ursi