Our vision is to convert the Clyde into a well-integrated, connected part of central Glasgow, with plenty of pedestrian walkways, cycle routes and opportunities for direct water interaction. This will ensure a more positive and generally enhanced experience and turn the Clyde into a true touristic attraction, full of lively hubs hosting seasonal activities as well as into a real part of the city, linked to the existing city fabric and able to host non-specialized everyday activities – the vital blood of any community.

The future of the river Clyde will be about connecting the South part of Glasgow with the North, knitting back together the surrounding network. The key here is accessibility in every sense: new public water transport, new road linkage across the river, new waterways.

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Future Glasgow: “Glasgow’s Urban Spine” Strategy Board 1


Medina Suci
Sama Jabr
Jianhui Shu (Hui)
Weiyu Huang (William)