“To develop a sequence of hubs with the qualities of a safe environment, to be engaging, and well connected (publicly accessible, highly permeable) with a rich and diverse experience throughout the river with varied identities, which depends on the hub strategies, thus resulting in high legibility and distinct perceived space for all.

Through the strategy of hub creation, the river edge and river Clyde itself will become the binding element to bring both locals and tourists to come and enjoy the waterscape in Glasgow, reclaiming the image of a river city”

From “reHUBilitation Clyde” Strategy

The area of focus for our project is the vacant land along Stobcross Road in between the SECC and the Riverside Museum, Govan Crossing, Govan river front and the Graving Docks, which we have identified to have potential to be established into a new Cultural/Educational hub due to its rich industrial history and working with what is located on site currently. Our project aims to regenerate and re-purpose the area into one of high recreational standards, and to respect the industrial heritage and showcase it for educational and cultural purposes.

To view the final boards, follow the links below:

Future Glasgow: “Glasgow Cultural Hub” Masterplan Board 1


Foong Cheng Wang (Charles)

Wei Hwa Koh (Joshua)