Studies by SEPA in 2012 showed that the River Clyde is not in good shape in terms of water pollution. This is also due to often inadequate management of sewage systems. However, the health of the river ecosystem is not a secondary  issue and, in fact, it is fundamental in order to guarantee physical well-being of people, animals and plants. Many cities around the world show us how river fronts are prime locations to experiment on innovative approach to achieve sustainable environments through wise management of ecosystem services. Our strategy aims to use this immense potential and turn weaknesses into opportunities. To do so Alga3rapy strategy aims at creating a new recreation centre where natural and freely available resources, like algae, could treat water, produce bio-fuel, provide for self-generated heating systems, create food and, why not, also entertainment and education opportunities!

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Future Glasgow: “Alga3rapy” Strategy Board 1

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Future Glasgow: “Alga3rapy” Strategy Board 3



Tong Su Ling