Once again the Urban Design Studies unit and the Department of Architecture are thrilled to invite you to take part to our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course in Urban Design Representation and that we are now accepting delegates for our 2015 Urban Design Representation Course.

This course, traditionally offered to incoming MSc (masters) students with little or no design background, has been adapted to meet the needs of professionals in all disciplines regarding the built form.

In this course, you will learn the basic techniques and softwares critical to successful visual representation of your projects, ideas, diagrams and reports. The course is taught by our two expert tutors  (Alessandra and Maddalena) and will help you improve your graphic skills through lectures, discussions, independent assignments and exercises.

It’s organised as a series of five sessions, each lasting three hours. You will learn the following computer programmes: Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Google SketchUp.  Each session includes a short exercise relating to the computer software covered during that session. Exercises can be carried out during teaching hours as well as at home. Exercises will be submitted to tutors for informal feedback and discussions, which will take place at the beginning of the following session or via email.

The sessions are autonomous, meaning each one can be taken separately as a single module as well as in combination with other modules. Open-door office hours will be held during the course. Tutors will also be available via email for further assistance.

To book a place on the course go to our online shop.

Information on dates, programme and materials is given in the Urban Design Representation Course Leaflet

For further information, please visit our dedicated Urban Design Representation CPD webpage or contact:

Alessandra Feliciotti
+44 (0) 745 392 1770

Maddalena Iovene
+44 (0) 747 203 1728