This booklet will cover the strategy phase of our proposed development of Drumchapel. In this phase we will pull together information gathered during the analysis stage and we will generate a strategic response to the problems identified within Drumchapel. Within the plan we will present our vision, actions and projects that we believe will improve Drumchapel at a local, regional and global level. We have four overarching concepts that our projects will stem from, these are social, economic, environmental and connectivity while also taking into consideration urban form. Our individual projects will be detailed and stakeholder established along with a phased timeline being provided. You will find within this plan there will be a clear existing, strategic and concept plan along with density, street hierarchy and environmental strategies. The strategies that we propose aim to eliminate the problems discovered and make Drumchapel a thriving, diverse and vibrant community.

Andrius Cupkovas, Nour Kowatli, Alexandra Linn, Aleksandra Patarova, Miguel Silva Barra,l Amy Thorogood