Drumchapel has been shaped by the decentralisation planning policies of the 1950s, as a result the density of its housing stock is quite low, and the provision of amenities
is insufficient. The planning of the district has been significantly influenced by topographic challenges, hence its street network follows the most efficient way overcoming height difference rather than the most efficient way of connecting places. Rapid decline of the housing stock, as well as underlying socio-economic factors have been the reason for a decline in its population from 34 000 in the 50s to 12 000 today. Due to the deficiency of cultural facilities, locals are limited in their access to educational and social activities. The current location of the train station connecting to the city centre is rather incontinent in relation to the location of most of the residential areas.

John Duffy, Hao Meng, Hristo Indzhov, Hristina Tarpanova, Veselina Chavdarova