Touring the Contour: Central Maryhill Regeneration is a multi-layered urban project that will take course in a 10-year duration. Aiming to generate 852 new homes that consist of 37% non-flat dwellings and 63% flat dwellings of various densities ranging from high density to low density.
The project also aims to tackle issues in Maryhill such as inconsistent urban fabrics and derelict land. In addition, the project implements strategies on a wholistic level to improve the overall situation in Maryhill from a social, physical, and economical perspective by creating a vibrant place that acts as a destination place rather than a passing-by place. The project focuses on central Maryhill in attempts to revitalise the high street to its past glory, while creating a healthy environment for the residents and visitors alike. Additionally, the project aims to create a network of open spaces that interconnect in an overall walking tour scheme to provide ‘the Maryhill walking experience’ in hopes to recreate lost place memory and resuscitate our beloved Maryhill back to life.


Nadin Mahmoud