Our vision sees Milton thriving on its relationship with the waterways and the countryside, supported by its urban context in the north of Glasgow. We aim for climate-focused place-making across the city which reduces social and economic inequalities and physical isolation.Focusing on an area that covers Milton’s five identified character areas, we have developed urban codes that can be extended to the rest of the neighbourhood. These codes have for goal to create sufficiently dense, connected and site specific environments in keeping with the localqualities of each individual site.

Using the Urban Task Force and plot-based urbanism as guides, the idea of resilience has permeated every masterplanning decision and helped us cultivate diversity, connect Milton to its context, create living neighbourhoods and promote synergy between people, city and nature. This vision has been tailored to Milton, but the over-arching principles can be applied to other failed peripheral urban spaces. It’s aim is to create resilient, green, distinctive, and accessible places.

Prepared by
Poppea Daniel, Martin Fleischmann, Taina Lund-Ricard


1 Preliminaries

2A Masterplan

2B Masterplan

3 The Time Dimension

4 Appendix

5 Annexe