The purpose of this project is to put forward a proposal for the redevelopment of Drumchapel so as to bring life back to it, make it a desirable place to live in or visit and reinforce the sense of belonging of its inhabitants. The aspiration is to turn Drumchapel into an exemplar development in the area that respects local communities and distils a distinct character derived from its historic background and rich nat- ural resources. The project anticipates the development of the area in 20 years as a vibrant district offering jobs, services, outdoor activities and a sustainable way of life.
The present document succeeds a Strategy Phase which was based upon the findings of an Analysis Phase. The conclusions and recommendations achieved within these two preliminary stages of project development are presented forthwith in a more succinct form.
During the analysis stage the main focus was to compile research based on five different areas of interest- Drawing the existing city, History and stories, Planning framework, Experiencing and comparing places and Network analysis of streets.
The results of this group effort were later used in the Stage 2 of this project which was dedicated to developing a Strategic plan and Concept plan. Creating the existing and proposed concept plans helped define the areas of Drumchapel what were in a dire need of improvement and the desired outcomes of any proposed intervention while the Strategy plan focused more on actual actions that are going to be beneficial and would help achieve the final goal of bettering the area.
The Framework and Coding stage followed these efforts and worked towards giving an actual physical form to the strategy plan. It started off by reimagining Drumchapel and coming up with a foundation masterplan and local urban code that are going to act as the base for any future developments.
In the last stage of the process a masterplan was designed on the basis of the out- comes of the Framing and Coding exercise and parts of it were designed in greater detail to illustrate some of the special places envisioned in Drumchapel’s bright future.

Hristina Tarpanova, Veselina Chavdarova