Drumchapel is an area of Glasgow developed as part of the overspill policy of Glasgow City Council in the 1950’s. Drumchapel was developed as a modern satellite town , revolutionary of its time, comprising modernist architecture which boasts large plots, high rises with wonderful views and large expanses of green open space as far as the eye can see. However, throughout this project the great failures of this design and form will be realised .
Drumchapel, built for 30, 000 inhabitants, today is only home to around 13, 000. Its suffers heavily from high levels of deprivation and its demographic lacks diversity. Drumchapel is a poster child for the failures of urban sprawl and its blatant disconnect between residential areas, its services and amenities , Glasgow’s urban core and neighbouring settlements, was clearly designed with a huge reliance on car ownership, but in reality only 38% of Drumchapel’s inhabitants own a car, and thus, this further isolates its inhabitants.
Despite its problems in the physical sense, Drumchapel does have many unique and
valuable attributes which defines its character. Having spent some time in Drumchapel whilst undertaking this project , it quickly becomes very apparent that there is a overwhelming sense of unity and community . This is quite clearly something that is not built with bricks and mortar , but the sense of pride and ownership in which the inhabitants feel towards Drumchapel is indisputable .
This now presents us with a challenge. There are some integral issues with Drumchapel ‘s urban form which contribute to a variety of factors such as well-being, employment opportunities and social diversity. However, although originally intended to house 30,000, Drumchapel is still home to 13, 000 people who truly value and have long running ties to the area, often going back generations. It is therefore our task to assess the current situation, identify the key issues and propose interventions which will provide solutions to some of the major issues without hindering the already well established sense of place and community which makes Drumchapel, Drumchapel.

Patarova, Aleksandra, Thorogood, Amy