Urban environment plays an important role in city or community. The good sustainable landscape not only could improve good quality of living environment, but also reduce consumption of source. According to Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), sustainable development and the creation of high quality places are supported by government in Glasgow. Especially, Milton’s edge (Glasgow’s edge) is primarily rural in character and local environment has been ignored by people for a long time. Therefore, we advocate the position of GREEN, and focus on the depletion, damage, pollution and sustainability in Milton. Our aim is to create sustainable, green, environmental, distinctive, accessible places and reduce isola-
tion of different living place. This vision could not be only applied to Milton, but also be effective for surrounding rural area. In our masterplan, Liddesdale road and Castlebay street are identified as two local main road in our design boundary. Meantime, the intersection of these two roads is regard as the centre of the whole Milton with the biggest local service and highest density of residents. We will establish more houses in industrial area and the south of Liddesdale road to replace existing vacant land. Also we will improve the current housing typology to more comfortable and livable for local people. In terms of the green, we implement the sustainable waterstorm management along the side of street. Different levels of green spaces are desgined among the new housing area, which will connect residents with nature and environment more directly. Consequently, Milton will become one of most important suburban area in Glasgow and more popular and environmental living place for local people along with neighbour countryside.

Prepared by
Ruizhe Wang, Yuan Li