Our vision is to transform the River Clyde from a barrier to a place that provides quality of life. Places where the city meets the water, and more important, where people meet each other. Places for recreation, with beautiful paths for walks. Places to relax and enjoy the sun, by yourself or together with friends. Places to play, canoeing or swimming. Places for everyone.

Life contains good times and bad times. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, unexpected things are likely to happen. What has Urban Design got to with this? A lot. How the place we live is designed can increase our possibilities during the good times, and it can make us less vulnerable at the bad times. Our vision is a city where it is easy to enjoy life, and we believe a transformation of the River Clyde will contribute to this. Our vision is also a city that isn’t fail-safe, but safe to fail. A city’s design will never be fail-safe. Architects and Planners have tried to build Fail-Safe Cities during the last century. Ironically, it has failed. What we can do is to create a city that can adapt, to increase the chance of a soft landing.

Let the River Clyde be connected to Glasgow, and let it help us connect to each other.

To view the final boards, follow the links below:

Future Glasgow: “Connecting the Clyde” Masterplan Board 1

Future Glasgow: “Connecting the Clyde” Masterplan Board 2

Future Glasgow: “Connecting the Clyde” Masterplan Board 3


Johanna Rosvall
Agnes Sandstedt