Breaking Through Boundaries


High Street is Glasgow’s ‘other’ city centre. The Mercat Building now inhabits Glasgow Cross Station, with the Union City Rail Line reinstated for domestic use above and the existing Argyle Line below ground. High Street is now accessible locally and nationwide from Aberdeen to London and from Glasgow’s south east to the north west. Once people arrive at Glasgow Cross Station, they disperse in all directions either by the easy option of walking or through the city’s integrated transport system GTC (Glasgow Transportation Company) of buses, cycling, subway or further trains.

Upon leaving the station you can see the bustling environment with people rushing about their day, people talking and comfortably socialising in a safe vehicle deterred environment. The public are attracted to this epicentre from all directions, walking and cycling from surrounding well connected neighbourhoods along tree lined streets, bursting with independent retailers and multicultural cafes and eateries. It’s clear that Glasgow is a place of pride, a place of belonging, the Merchant Clock Tower stands loud and proud, stamping Glasgow’s authority as a place of extensive, significant history. Looking around there are residents of all ages enjoying the street life, moving around without a worry, only for bicycle traffic. It’s not only a place for formal education, the young observe the old about the notions of life, once where a person wouldn’t say ‘hello’ on the street is now a focus of interaction and well-being.


Gill Mona, Tarek Fouani, Stephen Herraghty, Will Kerr, Camilla Nicolini, Sanaa Bouziane