An Integrated Neighbourhood


The proposed masterplan for “An Integrated Neighbourhood” is structured in three phases:

  • The first phase of the project will see the construction of the Channel 4 Cultural quarter and the bars. restaurants, and shops to allow this to be a success. This will be followed by a number of residential blocks to suit a variety of people to increase the initial urban density.
  • Phase 2 will see the addition of more residential blocks and the new main centre of the neighbourhood being built. As there are an increase in residential
    units it is essential that there is a new Primary School and nursery built to accommodate the increase in children in this phase. This phase will also see in
    increase in people visiting the neighbourhoods new centre.
  • The final phase of the project will see the remaining proposed residential units constructed. This will allow a number of families to move into the city
    centre into new semi and detached housing.


Shelley Crawford