Calton Masterplan


Calton is a significant district, not just in Glasgow but throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. It is a place to come to, what people talk about, where
they plan to go and want to be. It bares down as a truly distinctive place with a plethora of services, a district rich with people from all over the world, of all
ages and from all walks of life. Distinctive places are usually so because of their uniformity, ease of judgement and fragility, Calton is distinctive because of the exact opposite. It sets the benchmark for diversity at the urban scale, encouraging inclusivity, healthy and environmentally sustainable ways of living, the formation
of integral relationships. The impersonal and isolated ways of living in the late 20th century have been sincerely left behind with a strong emphasis placed on the
natural establishment of communities which we thrive for as human beings.


by Will Kerr and Stephen Herraghty