The site of our Foundation Masterplan encompasses the communities of Townhead and Barshare.  Lying to the north-east of the town and housing some 25% of the town’s population, the success of these areas has a significant bearing on the overall success of Cumnock.  Our 25-year Foundation Masterplan is based on Sce­nario 1: “No Growth Scenario” .  This scenario was chosen as a result of a number of internal and external factors such as recent slow growth within the town of Cumnock itself, the ongoing development of Knockroon to the north-west and a desire to prevent potential sprawl growing to the east, which is currently farmland.   Instead, we intend to encourage the growth and development of existing places and reshape the communities of Townhead and Barshare for the next 25 years.

Therefore, the vision of our Foundation Masterplan for Townhead and Barshare up to 2037 has two main goals: to create a complete low carbon community; and to create a vibrant local community node.

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