Gareth caught in professional posture the morning of exams day.

A nice gallery of shots taken the day of the MScUD end-of-the-year exams. It was a tiring, engaging day, but also a lot of fun!


Here is the program:

09:00-09:30       Staff meeting in F0

09:30-10:00       Intro to students’ work (Semester 1 and Code)

10:00-13:00       Reviews in 2 separate panels

13:00-14:00       Lunch in F0

14:00-17:00       Reviews in two separate panels

17:00-17:30       Staff feedback

17:45-18:00       Student feedback from staff/guests

Thanks a lot to invited professors Robert Adam and Alex Fubini, to guests Ethel Abel and Alistair Mac Donald (Glasgow City Council) and Gordon Barbour (Glasgow Housing Association), and to staff members Gordon Murray (Head of School), Chris Platt (5th year director) David Grierson and Jac Lister. Thanks indeed to tutors Matt Bridgestock, Craig MacIntyre, Eugenio Morello and Emanuele Strano for their invaluable contribution.

And special thanks to all students: you guys have done an amazing work!!!!

Mahanim Abdullah

Zarith Abu-Zahri

Darren Baird

Gillian Black

Raymond Brown

Roberta Bufi

Mariana Gouveia

William Ewing

Mark Feeley

David Howel

Gareth Jackson

Yasmin Jilaihawi

Christopher Kelly

Sarah Jane Laverick

John MacLean

Duncan MacLean

Ross Middleton

Fiona Murphy

Kirsten O’Hare

Lyndsay Pratt

Peter Russell

Delia Schulz

Victoria Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Leroy Thompson

Laura Wallace

Kumtak Wong

Elyssa Wylie

Syed Zaidi