The Urban Design Studies Unit is excited to host the first Summit on Plot-based Urbanism to be held at the Department of Architecture on 27 October.

The aim of the Summit is to come together to publicly present the current theories and ideas surrounding Plot-based Urbanism and work to address key questions and advance agendas in research, practice and policy. During this event, leading voices in the recent discussions surrounding Plot-based Urbanism and similar movements throughout the UK and around the world will meet, showcasing their work and research during a series of panel discussions.

We are proud to announce that David Rudlin (winner of the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize), Kelvin Campbell (winner of the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award for Urban Design), Chuck Wolfe (Seattle professor/lawyer and author of Urbanism Without Effort), Jonathan Tarbatt (Architect/Urban Designer and Author of The Plot: Designing Diversity in the Built Environment),  Diarmaid Lawlor (Head of Urbanism for Architecture and Design Scotland) and Kevin Thwaites (Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield) are among the participants.

Furthermore Gordon Barbour from Glasgow Housing Association and Salvatore Fundaro’ from UN-Habitat will also present their research and activity on the field.

The unique and invaluable experiences, insights and perspectives that our notable speakers will present and discuss will help opening new streams towards a more sustainable, viable and sensible approach to our urban future.

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Download the programme of events for the day:

Programme_Summit on Plot Based Urbanism