The awarded masterplan by Alessandra Feliciotti and Jacob Dibble

Our MScUD students Alessandra Feliciotti and Jacob Dibble, both now progressed into our PhD in Architecture program, have been awarded the first prize at the prestigious Urban-promogiovani 6 contest, organized by the Italian National Institute of Urbanism (INU). The award has ben announced at the urban promo conference held at the Milan Triennale one week ago.

The contest was open to students worldwide to share their ideas and improve skills through future professionals working in the field of urban regeneration. The contest received 80 entries from student teams around the world, competing in two categories: overall design and social housing. The Glasgow @ Hand proposal for the regeneration of the Anderston/ Tradeston areas of the city centre through modification work of the M8 motorway, submitted by students Alessandra Feliciotti and Jacob Dibble received First Prize in the overall design category, as selected by a panel of 5 international experts in the fields of architecture, planning, urban design and social housing.

The awarded project focused on urban regeneration strategies for extant areas, and in particular how the proposals related to the area’s surroundings. The projects were required to focus on the key topics of Urbanpromo: urban transformation, urban marketing, smart cities,sustainable energy and social housing. The proposal (here the complete MScUD work realized in 2011-12) emphasised that through the tunnelling of the motorway and the establishment of new transportation hubs, neighbourhood infrastructure and the (re)creation of East/West routes, it will be possible to regenerate a currently neglected and derelict part of the city centre, in an area that was once the thriving core of the working class of Glasgow. The project emphasised strategic phasing and flexibility in the masterplan, paying particular attention to the need to integrate the project area into the surrounding communities.

CONGRATULATIONS guys, very very well done indeed!