This is the final examination work of students Darren Baird and Mark Feeley.

This work won the first “LUC” prize, meaning that it was recognized as best work of the year. LUC stands for Local Urban Code, see what that is about here. Pictures of the prize assignation by the panel of examiners are here.

Darren and Mark’s masterplan project got the first LUC prize, meaning that it was voted the best project of the year by the examiners’ panel.

To be fair, it was also the only work done by two students together, all others being individual, which raises an issue for next year as to the best organization of the masterplanning phase. However, no question on Mark and Darren, who have provided plenty of exceptionally skilful and committed efforts throughout the year, plus in many cases original contributions which went ways beyond the briefs’ requirements. Well done guys!!

Students were requested to summarise in a space equivalent to six A1 panels their achievements across the whole year, with a particular emphasis on the last phase, that of Masterplanning.

Download panel 1, Concept

Download panel 2, Connectivity

Download panel 3, Strategies

Download panel 4, Foundation Masterplan

Download panel 5, Masterplan

Download panel 6, Traffic Calming

Download panel 7, Adaptability

Download panel 8, Section