This proposal addresses the issues with the accessibility, connectivity, housing, employability and green spaces at Milton, with particu- lar emphasis on the linear node at Liddesdale Street. It is the main road with many prospects for mixed uses development since it has been consisted by several open spaces, open public gym, library, educational garden and shops. As far as the connectivity is concerned, al- though, the vehicle street is considered wide, the connectivity is low. Therefore, the main objective of the project is to link the area with the surrounding neighborhoods via clear and direct roads since the current structure lacks considerably. In addition to this, we plan to create a comprehensive green network of linear parks and cycle paths. Thereafter, new house blocks have been introduced since the house density is noticeably low at the area without compromising the green spaces. Moreover, a new square has been designed at the Liddesdale road. Finally, a new train station close to the aforementioned square and new bus stops have been created which will essentially help with the connec- tivity issues that Milton faces. These proposals will help Milton take advantage of its potential as an integrated, successful and desirable place to live and work.

Prepared by

Rafaella Moiseos, Tea Tvrdeic