For the future of Govan identified 5 missions to fulfill:

1. Regenerating Govan: by bringing back the importance of Govan to Glasgow as the special area it was years ago with the insertion of several new functions.

2. Transforming the character of linkages into an exciting continuous path for pedestrians and cyclists to attract the public to use the River Clyde from Glasgow City Centre area up to Govan.

 3. Enhancing the quality of life in Govan by connecting Glasgow’s

focal points and  nodes (e.g. Riverside Museum, SECC, Hydro) to Govan.

4. New means of water transportation around Govan (e.g. water taxi and kayak) to replace usual daily vehicle such as car as travel method from or to Glasgow City Centre.

5 Increasing density around Govan by promoting new developments that consists of the mixture of usage such as residential and commercial.

To view the final boards, follow the links below:

Future Glasgow:  “Govan +” Strategy Board 1


Shamim Padzil
Ihsan Alias
Izzat Zunaidi