Glasgow @ Hand – Jacob Dibble & Alessandra Feliciotti

This foundation masterplan is based on the combination of several different strategies. By tunneling the M8, space will be created to create vital North/ South and East/ West connections which were not previously possible. The Clydeside Expressway will be converted into an Urban Boulvard and 4 new bridges across the Clyde will be created.

The plan focuses on the opportunities created by adding a North/ South City train line which bypasses the City (per tunnel strategy) and also acts as a North / South line on the Subway Loop. The upgrade of the Anderston Station to become the Anderston Interchange Station and the creation of a central station at the former site of the Kingston Bridge in Kingston will be the focal points of new district amenity centres (nodes).

Group Members:

  • Jacob Dibble (MSc)
  • Alessandra Feliciotti (Exchange)

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