In 2017, Glasgow Housing Association asked the University of Strathclyde’s Urban Design Studio to develop a new ‘vision’ for Drumchapel, and strategic principals that could potentially be used as a model for further regeneration schemes around the City of Glasgow.

The purpose of the Strategy for Drumchapel is tophase, ‘Strategic Programmes’ for the development and management of transformation within the Drumchapel site area, also taking into account its surroundings.

The Strategic Programmes are based on a combined understanding of the issues facing Drumchapel, both physical and social, in terms of the site’s existing strengths, weaknesses, constraints and opportunities. These Strategic Programmes are based broadly on the following aspects of urban design:

• Nodes
• Road Hierarchy and Transportation • Densities
• Ecological/Green Networks

Each project member gained site knowledge during the Analysis phase relating to one of the key study aspects, which included ‘Drawing the existing place’, ‘History and stories’, ‘Planning framework; and ‘Experiencing the study area’. This depth of knowledge together

with the experience of the project members in the professional areas of architecture, planning, housing and community engagement allowed the members to undertake the required research, concept development and graphic representation. We all developed the research and text. Pilar and Lisa primarily developed the graphics. All members developed the concepts and strategies.

This booklet, aims to fully explain the proposed strategy for Group 1 in successfully evolving Drumchapel into a more desirable place for residents and its visitors. Following on from in depth research of Drumchapel, we have proposed possible strategy solutions for the area. This will be enhanced and developed further in the next phase of work; Framework and Coding.

Lisa Irvine, Pilar Aramburu, Mrunal Navandar, Keith Luke, Ngalazu Phiri