Glasgow has a treacherous story of destroying its history and urban fabric! Maryhill suffered from its same fate.What has been left in 2019 is a shadow of its former glory, but the people of Maryhill remain defiant.

If ‘People make Glasgow’ then ‘Maryhill makes People’!

Our vision for a future Maryhill must look back to go forward. The four main arteries were the river, the canal, the railway and the road. All of which remain in some form but are disjointed from Maryhill. The River and the canal beautifully cut through Maryhill, by improving connections and facilities along both it will get more people using and experiencing the nature on their doorstep. Maryhill Road stretches from Glasgow all the way out to Bearsden, yet the road has very little street front for most of it. Look south to Great Western Road, shop fronts with accommodation above, the high density creates a successful and vibrant street. We want to re-create street fronts to Maryhill road as well as create cultural hearts along it. The main heart will be just under the canal where the Maryhill Burgh Halls is currently located.

Maryhill’s rail network was as complex as it comes, weaving across the river, connecting Maryhill’s factories with the rest of Scotland. Now a single rail line runs through with one station away from the heart of Maryhill. Much of the old infrastructures are still there! Using the old Maryhill can help reconnect to Glasgow with new forms of public transport. Our vision for Maryhill in 2050 will be for a denser area with much more public amenities. More people, more jobs and more to do! By looking back we can go forawrd and create a Maryhill for everyone.

Archibald Prince, Emma Poulton, Jelena Andelkovic & Louise Mencnarowski