Last Tuesday November 2nd 2010 students of the MSc in Urban Design course presented their works at the end of the first phase: analysis. They illustrated and discussed analysis not just with staff, but also with stakeholders, sponsors and the wider community during a post-exam event that looked more like a feast than an exam…


Students celebrating after exam at Barras at the end of the analysis phase last Tuesday November 2nd 2010. Works have been displayed to stakeholders and the community in a participated event at the Barras centre, where the whole course has been moved from the start.

Elective officials, academics, planners, urban designers and managers from Glasgow City Council, Architecture and Design Scotland, RTPI, local housing associations, the Barras Trust, Rock DCM and others have been rallied by students in the energetic environment of the Barras Centre. Thanks to all, but in particular thanks to the students who have done an amazing work not just on analysis, but also on setting up the event.

Great stuff guys, we are impressed.