More than 70% of responding students have considered "Excellent" their learning experience in our Urban Design Studio unit in year 2009-10.

We have just processed feed back data from students who attended our MScUD course of year 2009-10.

We had monitored the three main learning units: 1. Urban Design Studio (Sergio Porta, Ombretta Romice and tutors); 2. Urban Landscape Design (Rolf Roscher and Felicity Steers); 3. Urban Theory (Sergio Porta and Ombretta Romice).

We are very proud to say that student’s satisfaction is absolutely… satisfying! As for the Urban Design Studio, which is the backbone of the Programme (i.e. the unit where students spend most of their time and energies drawing, modelling, analysing and masterplanning), the learning experience was considered “Excellent”  by more than the 70% of responding students! Moreover, all the others considered it “Good”, with no negative response whatsoever. Isn’t that fantastic? We are SO PROUD of that, thank you guys, you touched our heart… And not far below this stunning response are those referred to the other two classes: download table and charts for details. And the 2010-11 is going to be far better…

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