The University of Sheffield, The University of Strathclyde and the University of West of Scotland are pleased to announce that the 22nd IAPS Conference entitled, Human Experience in the Natural and Built Environment: Implications for Research Policy and Practice, will take place at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow from the 24th to the 29thJune 2012.

In accordance with the IAPS mission, the Conference will explore human behavior and experience in both the built and natural environments and will focus on the relationship between research, practice and policy and how this can significantly impact on socially and environmentally sustainable development.

The Conference intends to achieve its main goal by tracing and recording development in research, identifying future research strategies, and critically strengthening research links with professional practice and policy making. This will be done within three themes: Geography and Context (urbanisation and planning in developed and developing countries); Planning, Design and Evaluation in Human Environments; Policy Implementation and Management.

In exploring the inter-relationships between research, policy and practice, the Conference seeks to address questions such as when, how and why should these areas come together? By addressing these questions theConference aims to highlight the importance of multi-disciplinary research and critical thinking, the potential impact of environment-behaviour research on policy and practice and future areas for collaboration and implementation of expertise.

The Conference will also feature a jointly organised thematic event with the Council for European Urbanism: ‘Evidence-based Design: a promising new basis for progress on real changes in the built environment.’  Please stay tuned for more details.