Ref: Gimenez, J. Amabile, L. Graham, S. (2011) Barras: and experiement, Working Papers of the Urban Design Studies Unit at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.

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“Urban” relates to the density and physical character of the built environment; its economic and societal functions; and the nature of its climatic conditions.
This publication looks to address an intermediate scale of design subsequent to master planning through the means of an experiment.  The experiment aims to develop responses from the master planning stage of the East End of Glasgow through the influences of the concept of Plot Based Urbanism and the theories of Christopher Alexander.  By delineating their similarities and focusing of the potential of each, the built environment can be developed by reflecting on tested and examined physical processes of urban design.
Through the process of designing a successful urban environment, this experiment aspires to aid in the cultivation of a legacy of the Common Wealth Games, Glasgow, 2014.  This can be achieved by improving the accessibility, connectivity and urban realm of the area through the development of a series of small projects, together with the support of Glasgow City Council, Rock DCM, the Barras Enterprise Trust and immediate community consultations.