Ref: Dempsey N, Brown C, Raman S, Porta S, Jenks M, Jones C, Bramley G, (2010), Elements of Urban Form, in Jenks M, Jones C, Dimensions of the Sustainable Cities, Springer, London, 21-51.

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This chapter provides a common platform for the research presented in the book regarding urban form and sustainability, and is divided into two parts. The first section examines the elements of urban form identified for the purposes of the research and explains how they were measured. The second section profiles the five case study cities and fifteen case neighbourhoods which were the focus for the empirical research discussed in later chapters. These profiles provide an outline of both the urban form and socio-economic characteristics of the areas studied. The chapter concludes with a review of the urban form features of the case study cities and neighbourhoods, and shows how the different physical elements integrate together with socio-economic characteristics.

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