We made it. It seemed impossible, but we made it. Doing it better than last year looked really difficult, as the students’ feedback was excellent after our Govan course in 2009-2010. And here we go, This is our students’ feedback 2010-2011, which refers to our course at the Barras. After all, it is not great surprise, as this year we have benefited from exceptional circumstances, including the extraordinary commitment of a bunch of local organizations and stakeholder which allowed us to organize an on-site, hands-on real learning experience for our students. And, above all, we have had exceptionally motivated and brilliant students. Thanks to all these fantastic people, again: we will never forget it.

And here we have the results (see our internal survey):

– The learning experience has been rated “excellent” by the 77% of respondent students; the remaining 23% rated it “very good”.

– Descriptors and Assignments have been rated “excellent” by the 91% of respondents.

– Staff performance has been rated “Excellent” or “very good” by the 95% of respondents.

Isn’t this stunning? Of course it is, but that is not all. This year, we improved our feedback procedure by running a National Student Survey (NSS)-like exercise. We therefore included in a questionnaire the same 22 questions that constitute the NSS. Here you see the results. One above all: guess how many students felt fully confident to report being “satisfied with the quality of the course”? Well, all of them. A bold 100%. Which is bad news of course. Why? Well, we can only get worse next year (believe it?).