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Fanis Grammenos has reviewed our article on Urban Design International on the ‘Emergent Neighborhood’ model. Fanis has caught the profound potential of the model and its manifold implications for urban design culture. Fanis argues: “While absent in academia, Alexander still exerts influence in these two fields. Many practitioners admit to having his Pattern Language“handy on the desk as a constant reference”. On the research side, his disciples, collaborators and many followers, among whom I humbly place myself, continue the exploration. A major contribution is the latest paper by a team of four (Michael Mehaffy, Sergio Porta, Yodan Rofe and Nikos Salingaros) which advances Alexander’s work to its logical next stage: a general circulation network model for a city that subsumes and integrates many preceding detailed patterns; a super-model, an Alexandrian SimCity one might say”.