Ref: Porta S. (2008), Analytical tools for time-conscious urban design, in Thwaites K, Romice O, Porta S, Greaves M, Urban Sustainability through Environmental Design, A module in the “Gateways to the Professions” Postgraduate Cross-disciplinary Online Urban Design Programme, Echelon learning Ltd, Reading UK.

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This is a learning module of 10 hours of study produced for Echelon’s “Gateways to the Professions” post-graduate online course. The module is aimed at:

  1. Conceptualize the time-conscious urban space framework in distinct components and in relationships between them.
  2. Examine time-conscious and time-unconscious urban spaces on the ground.
  3. Understand dynamics of urban life associated with time-conscious spatial environments

Time-conscious urban design is a set of principles, procedure and tools that focuses on what an urban designer can do to re-establish time flow, i.e. history, in the contemporary city by providing a change-available environmental context to social life at the global and local scale.