Ref: Porta S (2006), ‘The world’s longest mistake”? Sustainable urban design and the renovation of social housing estates: also a disciplinary problem, in Porta S (ed), ‘ ‘Il più lungo errore del mondo?’ Il recupero dei quartieri di edilizia sociale: una questione anche disciplinare’, Libreria Clup, Milano, 5-15.“

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The title of this contribution, that also is the tile of the seminar held at the Polytechnic of Milan in March 2006, evokes an article published in the issue 273 of the French magazine of architecture “L’architecture d’Aujourd’Hui”, February 1991, an issue that deepened the problems inherent the large scale of urbantransformations. In particular that article, written by Careri and La Roque, addressed a strict criticism of the Corviale estate, a massive social housing project built in Rome during the seventies by a group of architects led by Mario Fiorentino. The story of Corviale is similar to that of most, if not all, the social housing estates raised up in the western world in the same years. It is similar, in example, to the story of Pruitt Igoe, a large…

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