Peter is a designer with a multidisciplinary background and an interest in exploring the interrelated fields of sociology, architecture and sustainable urban design. Upon completing an MArch at the University of Buffalo in the US, he moved to the UK to further study urban design. He completed an MSc with distinction at the University of Strathclyde and later transitioned from freelance designer to PhD candidate and Tutor in 2011.

His primary research focuses on innovative teaching and learning methods for design education. Currently, Peter is researching and developing new ways to structure the studio culture to better ground our student’s education in reality. This includes efforts to engage with the community through live projects and collaborative construction.

Peter strongly believes that this type of education will produce architects and urbanists that are better prepared to be “citizen architects”. At Strathclyde, he is part of a team that is using a concept termed ‘vertically integrated projects’ (VIP) that allows our students to better work together and learn from each other across all years of their education. In the next academic year we are planning to implement a live-VIP that will challenge the status quo of studio-based education.

Peter is extremely active, as a researcher, tutor, and overall member of the UDSU team at the University of Strathclyde. His wealth of experience and diverse background carve out for him a unique and helpful place in the department.